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The Hikers

The Spanish War Veterans Memorial at Bohemian National Cemetery was dedicated in 1926. The sculture is called "The Hiker" by Theodora Ruggles Kitsen (1871 - 1932) and was cast by the Gorham Manufacturing Company .

This sculpture however, is not the only "Hiker" out there. What is said to be the original sculpture is at the University of Minnesota erected in 1906.

There is one in Providence, Rhode Island, where Gorham is located, dating from 1911 and one in North Andover Massachusetts from 1913.

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The Gorham company bought the rights to the statue in 1921. Since then they have sold more than 50 Hikers including one at Arlington, Virginia in 1965.
hiker 4hiker 5hiker 6hiker 7

Interestingly, since it has different dates of erection, different loctions but the same materials and geometry the statue has been used to study the corrosive effects of air pollution.

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