Bohumir Kryl

KrylBohumir Kryl (1875 to 1961) was an amazing Czech-American. He was in turn an acrobat, a sculptor, a world-famous cornetist, a bandleader, a financial wizard, a pioneering recording artist, and an art collector. He was also one of the most engaging and flamboyant characters to have remains at Bohemian National Cemetery.

Bohumir Kryl Biography from wikipedia.

The Bohumir Kryl Project This program was given in 2012 but the website includes sound recording and many photos


Newspaper articles on Kryl

Kryl at Riverview 1907

Kryl at Riverview


Kryl as Sculptor 1911 Philadelphia Inquierer

Kryl at Lew Wallace Museum

Kryl and his Daughters

Kryl and Daughters Headline -1922 Philadelphia Inquierer

Kansas City Star Headline 1922 Kansas City Star


Bohumir Kryl Death Notice 1961

Famed Bandmaster Dead At 86 8-11-1961

Kryl Cartoon Conductor