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The Eastland Monument

Pictures from the Eastland Memorial Dedication

The Eastland Memorial to the victims, survivors and heroes of this tragic event 100 years ago at Bohemian National Cemetery, was dedicated Sunday July 12, 2015. Thanks to those who contributed to make this memorial possible.

Donations to complete the final placement of bollards and landscaping are still welcome. To contribute or purchase a donor brick for the memorial site click this link to donate
or write to Chuck Michalek at michalekchas@aol.com

The Story of the Eastland Disaster

About The Eastland Centennial Commemorative Project at BNC

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Watch newly discovered film of the Eastland disaster.

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from A Dear and Precious Heritage

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from A Dear and Precious Heritage


The Story of the Eastland Disaster

About The Eastland Cenntennial Commemorative Project

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Eastland Memorial Dedication

The dedication of the Eastland Memorial was on July 12, 2015, during the BNC annual picnic.

Czech Consul
Borek Lizec, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Chicago, attended the dedication ceremony.

  The monumentThe New Eastland Memorial with its information stone and rememberance bricks as of July.

You may wish to see the Program from the Eastland Memorial Dedication.

You can read the newspaper articles here: Chicago Sun Times
Chicago Tribune

Additional Photos

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If you would like more information on the memorial or how you or your organization can help, click the link contribute to the Eastland Memorial at BNC or, contact Chuck Michalek at michalekchas@aol.com.